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Death Note in a nutshell... by grievousorvenom Death Note in a nutshell... :icongrievousorvenom:grievousorvenom 3 2 Welcome to the family Final by grievousorvenom Welcome to the family Final :icongrievousorvenom:grievousorvenom 66 15 Welcome to the Family Part 2 by grievousorvenom Welcome to the Family Part 2 :icongrievousorvenom:grievousorvenom 87 18 Welcome to the Family by grievousorvenom Welcome to the Family :icongrievousorvenom:grievousorvenom 150 19 Ghirahim XNALara WIP by grievousorvenom Ghirahim XNALara WIP :icongrievousorvenom:grievousorvenom 2 3 Damn those calibrations by grievousorvenom Damn those calibrations :icongrievousorvenom:grievousorvenom 83 16 That Awkward Moment When... by grievousorvenom That Awkward Moment When... :icongrievousorvenom:grievousorvenom 0 0 Garrus Vakarian... by grievousorvenom Garrus Vakarian... :icongrievousorvenom:grievousorvenom 68 13 All you need is.... by grievousorvenom All you need is.... :icongrievousorvenom:grievousorvenom 146 15 A hot, sticky situation by grievousorvenom
Mature content
A hot, sticky situation :icongrievousorvenom:grievousorvenom 43 10
Slave To Lust 3 by grievousorvenom Slave To Lust 3 :icongrievousorvenom:grievousorvenom 0 1 Slave To Lust 2 by grievousorvenom Slave To Lust 2 :icongrievousorvenom:grievousorvenom 1 0 Trouble 4 by grievousorvenom Trouble 4 :icongrievousorvenom:grievousorvenom 18 6 Trouble 3 by grievousorvenom Trouble 3 :icongrievousorvenom:grievousorvenom 27 2 Trouble 2 by grievousorvenom Trouble 2 :icongrievousorvenom:grievousorvenom 11 1 Trouble by grievousorvenom Trouble :icongrievousorvenom:grievousorvenom 8 1


Mature content
Yandere!Frieza x Reader Pt. 1 'Encounter Kamikaze' :iconaladayle:Aladayle 20 12
Yandere!FriezaxReader Pt. 10 'Surrogate'
Author's Note: Okay, this time I really promise not to work on this one until I put a chapter of something else out!
*King Vegeta's POV*
At first, (y/n) was quick to send messages and request video messaging. Within the first few weeks both I and little Vegeta saw a lot of her. But as time went on...that changed. I saw barely anything of her in July--but that, I expected. I held out hope that she'd gotten somebody else for the season, but inwardly...
I couldn't stop the rumors. Everyone seemed to know that she wasn't exactly doing this by choice, but at the same time...they laughed. They made poor quips about how dangerous it was to fuck lizards, and I just...I wish I could stop them. I wish I could tell them the truth of what she's really doing all this for. I wish I could protect her.
But I can't.
How did they find out? I keep asking myself that. Was it merely that she was a woman, and that they expected this to be the next logical step?
After the fourth month or so she stoppe
:iconaladayle:Aladayle 10 21
Mature content
Yandere!Frieza x Reader Pt. 9 'Bloodburn' (LEMON) :iconaladayle:Aladayle 9 5
Mature content
Never Leave - Yandere! Uta x Reader :iconcomputer-heart:Computer-Heart 22 10
Mature content
Choices James Heller x Reader x Alex Mercer :iconkitsunebunny:KitsuneBunny 50 33
Yandere!Ayato Kirishima: A Captive Dove
        The pattering of raindrops played a gentle and somber rhythm against the rooftops of the towering buildings of Ward 14.  The noise of the bustling city could be heard in the far distance, its inhabitants hurrying along, minding to their own lives and business.
        Yet, lurking within the seemingly safe comfort of the city, there hid a sinister and looming threat.  Shadow cast onto the walls by a dim and yellow light, a grotesque, squelching sound was barely heard under the noisy chatter of the city.  Anyone who had their humanity would have left in haste, quivering from the thought of what could have been lurking within the darkness.
        Despite this, a lone figure stood in the midst of the entrance to the alleyway.  A long, dark shadow was cast upon the brick walls.  It lengthened and shortened as the figure advanced deeper into the depths of the alley.  Face hidden by strand
:iconannerly-san:annerly-san 9 4
The Vanishing Act Chp 1: Two Spiders, One Web
Ghoul (Investigator) Terminology, Japanese to Canadian-French-
         Ghoul- “ombre” (“ghoul”, “shade”, “shadow”, “specter” [the implication being that ghouls operate in the dark and literally follow humans, like a cast shadow])
         Kakuhou- “organe anormale” (“abnormal organ”; can be shortened to “organormale”)
         Kagune- “grossissment” (“swelling”, “growth”, “exaggeration”; can be used in a medical context)
         Ukaku- “ailé” (“winged”; description of its shape and granted agility to users)
         Koukaku- “flèche” (“arrow”, “spire”, “beam”; descr
:icontaoandthen:TaoAndThen 3 0
Tough love - (Tokyo Ghoul) Tsukiyama Shuu x Reader
"Can this day get any worse?" You muttered to no one in praticular, wiping the spilled coffee off your clothes. As if right on cue, Shittyama walked right in with a huge smile plastered on his face. " I shouldn't have said that. " You murmured, sighing in annoyance. God, how much you hated him.
" Bonjour, ____-chan , Touka-chan~ " Stated the purple haired, in a sweet tone. As always a growl escaped from Touka as she stared daggers at Shuu but ofcourse it never affected the over-confident bastard.
" Hm... What a lovely smell from a lovely lady." Said, Tsukiyama. With Touka storming off, you were left alone with the said man. ' Such a good friend you are, Touka!' You thought, angrily. " What is it that you want? " The (h/c) haired stated, in a bored tone. " To see you, of course " Purred, in that silky soft voice of his. " To sniff me like a perv and talk about how delicious I am, you mean?" (e/c) orbs staring, coldly at the so called shittyama. " You're so mean, ____-chan~" He whined.
:iconkhadidja-boo:Khadidja-boo 235 66
Tsukiyama shuu x reader
Tsukiyama shuu was a strong man. He would kill anyone that was in his way, his cravings would always get in the way of his playful nature. But when it came to you... A simple girl he couldn't touch you or kill you and it frustrated him to the fullest. You were like a delicate little flower a simple breeze could snap you. Shuu was always the type to swoon women and men just so he could get his meal but every time he came to you he felt like he was going to be sick. A soft tingling feeling would over take him making him blush like a little school boy all over again. You made him feel weak, vulnerable and not the strong ghoul he was. And he hated you for it. After a while he got to allow the feelings to take over, allowing himself to love you. Which was strange. A ghoul and a human together? That made him laugh at the thought of it but the feelings, he knew that he couldn't hurt you. He knew that if the slightest hair on your head was touched my any other man or ghoul, he would kill them
:iconaoiasuma:aoiasuma 18 2
Mature content
Yandere!Shuu TsukiyamaxReader Animals :iconsallade:Sallade 74 6
Tsukiyama Shuu [Tokyo Ghoul Render]1790541 by princedork Tsukiyama Shuu [Tokyo Ghoul Render]1790541 :iconprincedork:princedork 14 3 Tsukiyama X Fem!Haise by Jetta-chan Tsukiyama X Fem!Haise :iconjetta-chan:Jetta-chan 11 4 Naki and Tsukiyama Shuu by fvckfdaname Naki and Tsukiyama Shuu :iconfvckfdaname:fvckfdaname 17 4 Tsukiyama Shuu Process by 2ueen Tsukiyama Shuu Process :icon2ueen:2ueen 10 2 Tokyo Ghoul - Tsukiyama Shuu (Gourmet) [Request] by Fra00MENMA Tokyo Ghoul - Tsukiyama Shuu (Gourmet) [Request] :iconfra00menma:Fra00MENMA 18 6


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Ok, so I've been working on Ghirahim for XNALara but I'm currently having some trouble; I have followed tutorials closely and have done everything correctly, however, because the Ghirahim model doesn't actually come with separate hands, the cape exists and the eyes are...'unique', when I go to create the mesh on notepad, it won't work. Oh, also you can't name the model properly; ex: 2_body_0.1_0_0 =body on a normal model, but with this one, it includes the hands as well which is a complete pain!! 

Does anyone know what I can do to change this? It is imperative that I make this model for all Ghirahim fans!!!! PLEASE I BEG OF YOU MODDERS!! HELP A NOOB OUT!!

Blah, exasperation over with, now I'm back to searching the internet for answers; take care all of you and thanks for all the love.
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